About Fair City Rollers:

We were established back in 2009 when Roller Derby was still fairly new to Scotland and were the fifth Scottish Roller Derby league to be formed. We skated in our first bout against Edinburgh's Auld Reekie Roller Girls on Saturday September 4th 2010. Our most recent bout was against Furness Firecrackers, needless to say our score was much improved!!

Since then we have bouted against teams from all over the UK, and we have seen Roller Derby grow from an unknown into one of the fastest growing sports in Britain. Roller Derby has always been a sport which has always been skater owned and operated, and we are no different, we would encourage anyone who wants to be a part of our league to get involved in running the league, as well as simply skating.

We took and extended public bout hiatus in 2015 & 2016 to build up our numbers and are very happy to have come back with our first full line up team ever in Pack From the Dead in April 2017! Watch this space, more coming soon!

Contact us:

You can contact us on our official facebook page but the best way to get us is by e-mail!

If you're a new skater and need info or help, contact:

[email protected]

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